Monday, June 7, 2010

Run Like a Girl

Isn't subtlety wonderful? Below is a conversation I had with my husband yesterday about a couple we go to church with.

Him: "I was talking with Barrett today"
Me: "Oh cool"
Him: "He said Bethany runs a lot"
Me: "Yeah, I know"
Him: "You should become better friends with Bethany"

He he. How ironic then, that I would be standing in the near vicinity of said Bethany last night as she and a few other girls made plans to run together one night this week. There I am, minding my own business (eating a bowl of Oreo ice cream) when all of the sudden I am invited along for the run. Coincidence?! Okay, yes.

All joking aside, I'm really looking forward to our run tomorrow night. I can' t promise I'll be fast. And I can't promise I'll go the distance. But I'm going to give it my best and build some "better friendships" along the way.
{via Run Along}
And you know what? I love it when exercise is fun. For the past two nights, Eric and I have displayed some mad skills on the tennis courts. We break a sweat, laugh a lot and we think we're getting pretty good.

How do you get motivated to stay in shape or lose weight?


  1. I think it is more fun to run with other people-that in itself keeps me a little more motivated. I've been getting into tennis lately too it's so fun! I also think that's the key having fun keeps me motivated!

  2. believe it or not the most fun I've had while exercising is by taking a bellydance class! I used to teach all kinds of aerobics classes and I guess I got bored - btw, I'm the student, not the teacher of bellydance!

  3. Hope your running goes well! And please do try the power of group-running, its awesome!


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