Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gift Guide 2: Your sister with a killer voice who can bust a dance move like no other and bakes cookies on a whim

A hidden tote for a last minute grocery run, $22

Fingerless gloves so she can play her guitar outside with friends, $32

A pretty apron to inspire more baking, $32

A Holga 35 mm camera for taking old school pictures, $48

A Grace Potter & The Nocturnals CD, because this girl wails and looks good while doing it, $10

A slouchy beanie to go with her long wavy hair, $20

Slang flash cards to crack her up and because you know she will use them, $13


  1. Wait, am I your sister? Because I can belt out some tunes, bust out some dance moves to make you laugh and I love baking cookies on a whim! So basically, I would love all of these presents. Great picks! PS - you have an award awaiting you on my blog!


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