Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Practical Minimalism

My cousin, Rachel, recently started a blog documenting her journey to a less cluttered home.  Her goal is to get rid of one item every day and just like in real life, she's candid and funny.  You can read all about it here.

She's got me thinking:  I could get into a more simplified life.

While we are always in need of a good declutter in our apartment, we often overlook other areas where less goes a long way.

We stay busy and life passes us by.

Perhaps minimalism applies to more than just material possessions.  I'm inspired by Rachel's blog to look for ways to simplify our home and life.

Here's how I plan to get started:
1. Use less ingredients to make simpler meals.
2. Don't wash clothes as a default to folding.
3. Request an end to junk-mail that ends up in the trash.
4. Sit down and relax.  Enjoy moments of free-time.
5. Once in a while, pick up the phone.  Have a real conversation.
6. Save money.  Go outside and have fun for free.

How do you embrace practical minimalism in your everyday?

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