Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Books in Bed

Last night, Eric and I turned in a bit earlier than usual.

We lay side-by-side in bed, reading.

Wild at Heart his book of choice; mine The Meaning of Marriage.

(We're not always so studious. I recently spent a bittersweet ten days forcing my lids open in the wee hours of the morning nearly devouring The Hunger Games trilogy. Before that, I enjoyed Bossypants. Tina made me laugh (and blush) every few pages. I'm talking about literally lol'ing. The kind where people in Panera gave me funny looks and my husband kept asking "what?" in a nonchalant way until I read him what's so funny - and then he laughed too, of course.)

A chuckle here, a sigh there. Simultaneously gleaning wisdom from others' lives. A peaceful, connecting experience.

So many of our evenings are brimming with activity right up to the breaking point and then quickly numbed by the TV before trudging off to sleep.

(Ironically, since we no longer have cable, the only show on around this time of night is 30 Rock. Tina is getting more than her fair share of exposure in our home. She and Baldwin have us laughing then, as well).

Activity is wonderful and TV is fun.

But I rather like ending my night with a good book.  Somehow, snuggling up with my honey who is doing the same makes it all the better.

I have a few questions for you, if you are still out there.
- do you read books with (or alongside) your spouse, children or friends?
- in what other simple ways do you create special moments with loved ones?
- what books (fiction and non) made you think, laugh, cry or grow?

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