Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Art of Brick Laying

Through an inspiring book and our newlywed small group, we stumbled upon the simple, yet revolutionary concept of brick laying.

I am so challenged by this! 

Life is not formed by great catastrophe or triumph, but by the small choices we make each day. How easy it is to overlook our daily actions and interactions with others!  

I am now in the painstaking process of forming daily bricks for the foundation of my life: attentiveness to my husband, quiet time with God, pursuing passions and interests and even menial tasks like straightening up our apartment before bed. These desires encompass many of my goals for the year, with one small difference.  I now know that they can not be accomplished overnight.  

Goals are realized only by a daily investment of laying bricks.  

What better visual inspiration for brick laying that the picture above? Through hard work and daily dedication, Caryn, created a lovely quilt for warmth, snuggling and cheery thoughts whenever needed.  

I would love to recreate this, however, my sewing skills are extremely limited. Instead, I'll start on an apron using the fabric I bought nearly 6 months ago. 

What bricks are you laying today?

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