Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hobbies for Women

My sister and I recently had a sad epiphany: neither of us has a true hobby. Sure, we like to have fun with our family and friends, but nothing in particular inspires us to action when we are alone.

She googled "hobbies for women" on her smart phone.

We had a good laugh at some of the suggestions and found a few that sounded enjoyable.  Baking, sewing, crafts... you get the picture.  Then, the inevitable guilt set in.  These things cost money!  And what on earth will we do with the cupcakes, pillowcases and headbands we make?  What a waste!

So we shelved the idea and returned to our semi-depressed state on the couch.

Until we realized: our sweet husbands have plenty to do on a day off when no one else is around. Hers hunts, fishes and golfs; mine plays guitar, climbs, hikes and they both like to bike.  Heaven knows these things cost money - and yet we have happier homes as a result of their pursuits. Which brings us to my next goal for the new year.

Goal number 4: Explore interests and passions. Find new ones.

For now, I have baking on the brain.  And a pretty new pedestal to display my efforts, courtesy of Eric's sister.  It's a start!

What do you love to do?

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  1. I took up knitting for this very reason. And I like to find projects to work on - like transforming a thrift store mirror into a beautiful turquoise one. Or framing a mirror we were given that is kind of bubbled on one side. It still costs money but it makes me feel like I've accomplished something. It's important to have a hobby but I never really realized until I started one of my own. Good luck with your pursuit!


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