Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm not sure if it's the approach of Valentine's or a strong desire for spring, but I want to snip pretty flowers for every room in our apartment.

What a difference a little color and life makes. 

Because this is also true of our wardrobe, below are two shirts inspired by the blooms above.  This way, you can beckon to spring even after the flowers are wilted and gone. 

How do you display color and life in your every day?


  1. I definitely need some flowers in the house. My plants aren't sufficing. I need bright colors and the smell of fresh flowers. I hope the boy comes through!

  2. I need some flowers!!! Thanks for sharing this lovely post!! My color in life is always on my toes. I can't help but feel sassy when my feet feel pretty. Hope you are well dear!!


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