Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jars for the Pantry

It's been a long time, friends.

I'd like to share a simple project Eric and I did this weekend.

For some reason, an organized and pretty kitchen invites me to whip up the latest entrĂ©e or dessert while a messy and boring kitchen banishes us to eating out.

So, we transferred many of our dry goods from bags and boxes to mason jars with scalloped labels.  Check out the before and after below.

Makes me smile.  

I've seen pictures of an entire pantry in jars and it's mesmerizing.  I've got extras - can you think of other staples that would benefit from living in a jar?

Also, you may be asking, "Why did this project require two people?"  Well, let me tell you.  Eric washed out the jars while I was making dinner.  Washing has to be the least enjoyable part of any project.  Then, I filled the jars, penned the label with a brown sharpie and stuck it on.  When a few of the corners had trouble adjusting to their curved environment, Eric wrapped them with my stretchy headbands until they learned to stay in place.  We joked that it looked like torture.  No, two people aren't necessary - but it's a lot more fun! 

Mmm, chocolate.  Have a sweet day. 

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  1. Friend! I've missed you! And I'm so happy to see a post with organized kitchen essentials. This is totally inspiring. We've got some stuff in jars but since we don't have a pantry, we can only have so many things in jars right now. But future kitchen beware, I'm gonna jar it up til the sun comes home :)


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