Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Take Small Steps

It's been some time since I shared one of my 2011 goals.  I realize it's already May and posting on resolutions is the thing of four months ago.  To keep you interested, today's goal will include a report of how it's going so far.  Be sure to read on because this one is exciting!

Goal number 5: Research and act on career opportunities.  Take small steps.

Sounds boring and predictable so far, right?  Let me explain.

As a somewhat newlywed (approaching 2 years) and a somewhat recent college graduate (4 years - okay, not so recent), I am enjoying time with my husband and growth in my career.  If you know me personally, you are probably aware that I don't work a dream job.  I am content and glad to contribute to our income.

There is, however, something I've wanted for quite some time now.  To be a mom.  To have a chubby baby with Eric that we can cuddle with and watch grow into a toddler, kid, teen and one day - a young adult.  In fact, if nature allows, I'll happily have a few of them.  

We're not ready to have kids yet (sorry Mema!) but when the times comes, I want to stay at home. I trust that God has his hand on our marriage and future family and, if we use wisdom, he will help us realize this dream.

What does this have to do with my career?  Everything.

In college, I tossed around the idea of being a Journalism major.  I was a book worm growing up (summer days spent reading in a tree, anyone?) and thought writing would be a perfect extension of my passion.  Then I got scared.  What if I couldn't find a job or make good money?  So I took business courses instead, graduated and found a great job.

The longing to write was still there and a little over a year ago, my sweet husband encouraged me to start a blog.  It's been a wonderful journey.

As I pondered my goals for 2011, my mind focused in on "take small steps." This made everything sound easier.  I want to write.  There are local magazines in Birmingham.  Small step: send an email to a local magazine editor.

I did.  She was so gracious to meet me for coffee, offer advice and an opportunity to work as a freelance writer for her magazine.  It's silly I know, but I could cry.  As I type this, a beautiful picture runs through my head.  Me, doing what I love: taking care of our home, spending time with husband and our little munchkins, and writing.  Writing!  I hope and pray that this small step leads to big opportunities so that I can one day stay at home, contribute to our income and challenge my mind.

Tomorrow, I'll share my first published article with you.

Are you (or do you want to be) a stay-at-home mom?  How do you (or will you) make it work?  Do you think it's an absurd desire in this day and age?  I'd love to hear! 


  1. I'm a stay-at-home-mom and it's what I've always wanted to be. My husband doesn't have a fantastic job but somehow God always provides and we have a comfortable life. I admire you for wanting to stay at home. It's rare nowadays. It's true--some days I wish I could have a 9 to 5er just to escape the chaos but then I think how blessed I am to be able to stay at home with my two little guys. So good luck when the time comes and blessings to you as you pursue your writing career!

  2. I love being a stay-at-home mom. I won't pretend its not tricky. Today's world is definitely more conducive to a two income family (especially when you are just starting your career).....when I quit my job to stay home when my first son was born, our income was cut by 2/3 since I was a bit farther along in my career than the hubs. Since that time there have been really tight moments, but we have made it work. I do a myriad of random things like reviewing books, teaching ballet, and taking photos to bring in some extra money, but for the most part the way I contribute to our finances is by being thrifty. We don't eat out often. We rarely go to the movies. New clothes are a definite luxury. Vacations are local/cheap. But its an awesome trade, one that I do not regret, even if there are some days when it feels like an much harder job than any "real" jobs I had before. Its worth it.

  3. I tried to reply to this but somehow the page changed and I lost what I typed. Anyway, our daughter wasn't planned (I mean, she was eventually, but we weren't trying to get pregnant at the time) and I was still in grad school. She was born right after I defended my theses (two of them!), so I stayed home right away and haven't started my career yet. I do some at-home design work, but don't make much money with it yet. I plan to work harder this summer at getting my business going in a more legitimate way. I love being at stay-at-home mom though. I'm so thankful I don't have to miss the little moments with my sweet girl. It's totally worth it. I do think our culture expects you to have a job, and I get asked all the time what I "do." I feel like if I say that I'm an artist, I'm seen as more of a dilettante because I stay home and haven't produced any work in a while, so I'm sometimes insecure about the arrangement. It's awesome that you know it's something that you want to do and that you are working towards keeping your career going while being a mom before you even have a child! Congrats on the writing gig!

  4. I'm so glad you directed me here! Our wants and goals in life are scarily similar. Blogging is still new to me but it has made me realize that there are other ways to fill my creative cup than a career. With blogging the sky is the limit.


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