Friday, May 20, 2011

Retro Recover

Quite a while back, I was perusing the thrift store with my mother-in-law in Nashville. We were headed out when  I spotted a footstool against the front wall. With beautiful retro legs and a price tag of $5, I couldn't pass it up!

Once home, I deemed the cushion wide enough to pass for extra seating in our living room and placed it right in front of the fireplace.

And there it sat. And sat. 

Until my mom and I found the perfect velvet fabric on clearance and went to work.  I will admit, she completed most of this project and where you see a flaw, it was likely done by me.  

love how it turned out.  
That almost ugly pink with those brass-foot legs. Swoon! 

Side note: we picked up the side table at a dumpster in Chattanooga.  Eric was at first mortified, but later sawed off the tabs on the middle shelf to make room for temporary record storage.  I'd love to paint it but can't decide on a color.  Any suggestions?  

Have a lovely weekend!

1 comment:

  1. That red velvet is gorgeous & nothing beats a good dumpster dive!


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