Monday, August 22, 2011

Minimalism: a Follow-up

This weekend was refreshing. 

Friday night, my sister announced her forthcoming peanut (due in March!) and we slept in to a near-embarrassing time Saturday morning. 

Only I'm not embarrassed. It was lovely.

Last month, I shared my desire to move towards a balanced, practical minimalism in my life. We dedicated a little of our weekend towards this goal, which made it all the more refreshing. 

Our progress:
1. We scoured our closets and drawers for clothes that are out of style, no longer fit or never see the light of day. They are now piled in a bag awaiting their delivery to the thrift store. 
2. We spent yesterday evening at the park with friends. Eric and Shaun ran while Bethany and I walked and chatted. It was already dark and a little spooky walking on the trail through the woods. The best part? There were hundreds of twinkling lighting bugs and it was all free!
3. I planned this week's meals around similar ingredients to make sure we utilize what's in our pantry and refrigerator before it goes bad. Because it's just the two of us, this can be a huge source of waste!
4. We (finally) organized our recycling. The three full garbage bags are ready to be dropped off and a pantry in our kitchen is now empty again. 

Are you moving towards a simpler life? 
I'd love to hear about your progress: tips, setbacks and successes!

*Image via Like the Dew
Appreciating beauty, instead of taking it for granted, is a wonderful way to embrace a simpler life. 


  1. I definitely want to move towards a simpler life. We just got a recycling bin - it's included in trash pickup! Hooray! Sounds like your weekend was top notch.

  2. Something I have always wanted to do; simplify. Very inspiring.


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