Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glass Bottles

For our wedding I wanted to mix old bottles in with regular vases. I found a set of 12 glass milk bottles on ebay that a lady dug up from under her house. After many hours of scrubbing they were finally presentable. They fit perfectly with the wildflower look we wanted.

Now that our wedding has come and gone, I am reluctant to get rid of these beauties. So they sit in my dining room waiting for a place to call home. I am inspired by the pictures below to: (a) remake them into faux milk glass to decorate our kitchen; (b) fill them with flowers and congregate them together on our bedroom dresser; or (c) buy more!

What other ideas do you have? Aren't vintage glass bottles charming?


  1. I like the faux milk glass idea for sure! If you do that, will you do a how-to post? Would love to do something similar!

  2. your wedding decor was one of my favs. Love the milk glass idea. I've seen it done with colors too by swirling paint around on the inside.

  3. Eric - I thought you would!
    Jess - This is a project I would love to tackle this summer. In the meantime, if you click on the a) link, there is a great how-to.
    Paula - Thanks so much! I will have to research the bottles with swirling paint - that sounds awesome!


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