Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bedroom: The Plan

After yesterday's decorating disappointment, I created a (somewhat) final picture of our bedroom plan. Would you like to see it?

White bedding from Ikea:
Blue/green pillow on sale at Pier 1, Gray pillow on Etsy (that I can no longer find!) and Gray throw from Bed, Bath and Beyond:
Table and chair I already own - paint table gray and paint chair mustard yellow (totally wish I had a beautiful chair to reupholster):
Jars and vase I already own - use jars to line window sill with flowers and use yellow vase to decorate side table:
What about this yellow throw from Urban Outfitters? It's on sale for $20! Where could I use it? Or is it just yellow overkill?

Please tell me, what do you think?


  1. Love the color and no, I don't think the throw is overkill. I think it will provide a nice balance/splash of color! I'm so sorry about the pillow debacle... hopefully you'll find one soon!

  2. I think it"s a beautiful plan and the pops of yellow will be wonderful!

    xo Erin

  3. Definitely not yellow overkill, I am LOVING mustard yellow, and predict that it and dark purple/aubergine will be the colors this year (Pantone will have to just choose one!). Looks like it's coming together nicely! XO!

  4. I really love the color scheme you're hoping for.

  5. Thanks everyone! I bought the pillow at Pier 1 and just got the yellow throw in the mail last night. Funny story: I freaked out because when I took the throw in our bedroom it looked lime green! Eek! Turned out it was our fluorescent bulb. Ha ha :)


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