Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Perfect Evening

Tonight marks the first Tuesday in over three months that we are free of plans. We thoroughly enjoyed our Financial Peace University class - we learned so much, revamped our spending and made new friends.  But tonight, ah tonight, I look forward to: 

Hitting up Publix to stock our sad pantry shelves

Cracking open my newest library book

Snuggling up to my honey and going to bed early

What are you up to tonight?


  1. Sounds like a great night. I love those nights when you can do just nothing.

  2. I read The Happiness Project! I really liked it!

  3. I had the opposite night. Worked 14 hour day, got in at 7:15PM, had paperwork to do until 9:30. Had to go get daughter from party, got back home at 10:30. Fell into bed exhausted. Not sure where Tuesday went. Looking forward to a more normal night...maybe next month.

  4. I so need to make a trip to Publix, blah.

    oh, and the magazine rack was a vintage find, sorry.


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