Thursday, July 22, 2010

Must-See Movie

Food, Inc is a must-see documentary. Eric and I "rented" it last week at our local library and watched it with my sister and her husband. Wow.

I'll admit: I am picky. I don't eat all my veggies and I don't like too many fruits. I don't always buy organic or local. But I want to. And like most documentaries, I don't agree with everything in the movie.

However, I appreciate the valuable information on how our food industry has changed over the past 50 years. I'm shocked by the power money and government have to altar the natural production of food with little regard to the lives affected. Sickness and death in animals due to rapid growth. Indebted farmers forced to continue in a business they are ashamed of. Obesity. Poor families struggling to eat healthy due to cost. Unnecessary disease and death of children and adults.

It's easy to feel inadequate, accept the current situation and go about your day. Instead, consider this concept, my favorite quote from the movie:

Have you seen Food, Inc? What are your thoughts?
If you haven't seen it, check out the trailer here.


  1. I watched it and thought it was totally eye-opening. It really makes you think about your food, I got even pickier after watching it!

  2. Okay...I'll start by saying - I have NOT seen the movie.

    That being said, those who have seen the movie have not seen the OTHER movie. That is, the other perspective, viewpoint, etc.

    I'm always wary of a movie with an agenda, because it will inevitable leave out some of the critical factors that shaped the decisions that get us where we are. For instance, mass production of food, while certainly has a strong element of greed, can also be the result of producers trying to get food into the hands of our growing population. Starving people rarely read the label.

    That being said, I do firmly believe that "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil." Just be careful not to ever buy a movie's message lock, stock, and barrel. Leave some room for questions and debate - that makes for a healty, well-rounded mind.

  3. oh my, I sure did. we do as much organic as we can afford, but I do love the idea of buying our own cow to slaughter. okay so maybe that sounds gross but at least we would know where it came from.


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