Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Music to My Ears

On recent trips to Atlanta and Nashville, Eric and I hit up the local record stores to build our vinyl collection. Eric found The Black Keys and some Mississippi blues. I found my two new favorite albums.

Norah Jones - The Fall
This is a Norah Jones album even your boyfriend or husband will love. It's more upbeat than her past work, with guitars and drums in addition to her usual piano. Her smooth sultry voice accompanies the playfulness of the lyrics to make for a very enjoyable album. This past weekend, we popped the vinyl into our record player and sat on the porch swing, listening to this album through the screen door. Below is a video of one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Chasing Pirates - by Norah Jones, The Fall

Justin Townes Earle - Midnight at the Movies
I first heard Justin Townes Earle when he opened for Dan Auerbach and The Fast Five at a concert in Nashville. His quirky clothes, lanky body and twangy voice struck a chord and had me hooked. I was lucky to come across his CD at a record shop in Atlanta and it's been playing in mine or Eric's car ever since. He is a southern gentlemen with a touch of brass. I love the timing of his lyrics and the simplicity of his music. Below is a video of one of my favorites. Enjoy!

What I Mean to You - Justin Townes Earl, Midnight at the Movies

What music are you listening to lately? Do you ever listen to your music on vinyl records? It's so fun!


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