Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slouchy Sweaters

In college, I wore a hoodie every day.  And loved it.  Until someone broke my heart and asked if I could dress up for a change.  Whoops.  I mixed up my wardrobe and found I liked it better that way.  But sometimes I still miss my hoodie.  We used to take naps together, arrive late to class together and even hung out with the same group of friends.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon slouchy sweaters: the grown-up's hoodie.
I am now in heaven.  Enjoy!

How do you stay comfy, cozy and cute?


  1. I got a gray slouchy sweatshirt for like $12 at H&M and I've worn the crap out of it. I got it in September! I love love love it. I usually pair it with skinny jeans and then to dress it up i just focus on my hair and makeup. It's seriously my favorite outfit.

  2. I love to be slouchy/comfy :)


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