Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alex's Wedding

As promised, here are pictures from my sister, Alex's wedding. The photographer, Emily Hooten, was wonderful. It was, without a doubt, the most fun wedding I've ever been to. Enjoy!

Alex getting ready. Isn't she beautiful? Alex and Ben sharing a few minutes alone before the wedding. The look on Ben's face is evident of his love. Also, her hairpiece and the trees are amazing!
Alex and I striking a sweet and silly pose.
Don't you just love the dresses, shoes and single stem flowers? Oh, and the bride's smile? Lovely.
Speaking of shoes, these puppies hurt my dogs, but they look stunning. Alex's shoes were her "something blue". Of course, the guys had to join in the fun. Why is that I find skinny legs and tall socks so cute? (My husband is second from the left).
The guestbook allowed friends and family to leave a sweet note. What a treasure!
My dad about to walk Alex down the aisle.
Ben hugging Alex during the ceremony. He couldn't resist!
The outdoor chapel, surrounded by trees with the sunlight peeking through, was breathtaking.
My talented sister, DeAnna, singing "Let's Stay Together" while the bridal party danced our way out of the ceremony. That's me and my hubbs groovin' on the right.
Alex's cake was topped with bright pink and green flowers and swirly sticks. And it was delicious! Ben's cake was surrounded by lollipops and I just thought this picture was too cute not to share.
Ben made it his mission to dance with every person in the room. As you can see, he did a darn good job!
Not to be outdone, the rest of us join in. So. Much. Fun.
Alex and Ben waiving goodbye on the boat. How romantic?

Sigh. I love weddings. And I love marriage.


  1. Beautiful photos - she was a lovely bride! I love her hair - vintage yet modern. And the bridesmaid shoes are fabulous!

  2. That was a good wedding. I loved all the photos you put up! Good choices my dear! :D

  3. Your sister looked beautiful! I so wish I could have been there! Love all the pics, I've already been through all of them twice on her fb. Love you!

  4. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful bride!! And what looks like a very fun wedding! Love love love the pink bridesmaid shoes, brilliant!!

  5. What a fun wedding! I love the use of color -- from the bride's shoes, to the bridesmaids shoes, to the groomsmens ties. Beautiful! :)

  6. Wow, that looks FANTASTIC! I love the riding away on a boat, how creative! I also love that Ben danced with everyone, that's so cute. Congratulations!


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