Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paper Garland

It's been a busy and fun few weeks. We've been traveling, rocking out at concerts, going to meetings and... with my sister's wedding in less than 7 days - planning and partying! Yesterday, the guys headed to Atlanta to catch a ball game while us girls stayed behind to celebrate Alex's "before womanhood party" as Madi so graciously put it. We all rode together in the party bus (okay, suburban) to a hip-hop dance class, followed by dinner at Firebirds and then a dessert party with games at my apartment. It was so much fun! I didn't take pictures during the events but I did take pictures of the decorations after everyone left. Enjoy!

**Update: Alex's cool friend, Kristle, just posted pics from this party on FB, so I am stealing one of the now-bride to replace the boring one I originally had here. Isn't she beautiful?!
I wanted to share the garland I made, courtesy of a free alphabet download, a sweet song, pretty ribbon and "soda-pop" paper.
For dessert I made strawberry-limeade mini-cupcakes, peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate drizzle, cookie-dough truffles, dulce-de-leche cookies and lemon icing thumbprint cookies.
As the guests headed out, they each filled up an orange box with a sampling of their favorite desserts from the night. I found these boxes at Michaels for $1.29 a piece! Well worth it to send these yummies out of our apartment.
This week is going to be another crazy-fun one: two birthdays, mother's day and a wedding. In the meantime, I don't want to leave you hanging like I have been. Each day this week, I will post one recipe from this party. Alex's wedding pictures soon to come!

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  1. The party was a hit my dear sister! I have to say.. you are quite the cook and party planner! Can't wait until you,alex,hope and De plan my before womanhood party.. in about..hmmm... 8 or 10 years.. :)


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