Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DIY Framed Wall Art

I am ready to spruce up our sad, off-white apartment walls. But it's so expensive! The DIY projects below are cost-effective, unique and fun. Enjoy!

Framed Wallpaper
I love framed wallpaper - both big and small! This yellow wallpaper, discovered via The Style Files brings life and symetry to the white walls, couch and lamp. This red floral wallpaper, discovered via The White Balloon is a perfectly eclectic pop of color. I am drawn to this Baroque wallpaper from designer Barbara Hulanicki. I would like to hang it in a medium-sized frame in our diningroom.
Multi-Framed Photo
When I first saw this on TwoEllie, I was taken by the display as much as the photograph itself. Paula's husband, Kellen Jacob, captured their family's favorite spot at the beach, enlarged the photo and then cut it to fit 6 Ikea frames. I would like to create a similar display to go above our bed. Lovely.
Framed Botanicals
Oh my, how neat is this project from Design Sponge? I am sucker for nature inspired art. Simply gather your materials and follow this easy how-to guide. I would like to hang these in our kitchen or our sunroom (if we had one).
Framed Maps
Maps are so nostalgic. While in college, Eric's roommate hung an old map of Chattanooga in the kitchen. It always made me happy to see the weathered, brown paper. I am in love with the colors and sizes of all of these maps, discovered via
Room Remix and The Zhush. I would like to frame a map and hang it in our livingroom or guest bedroom.
What do you think of these DIY framed wall art projects? What other DIY home projects do you love?


  1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the link back to Room Remix. I'm a big fan of DIY framed wall art projects too. That image from Style Files is one of my favorites. Hope you're having a good week!

  2. I made the framed botanicals from d*s. They're easy to make and look really chic. Now that there are leaves on our tree (I can touch the tree if I open our living room windows. I pulled some branches out for a winter decor and used a few leaves to make the art last summer) I might make more! I'm in the same bind as you so thanks for sharing the inspiration!


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