Friday, May 21, 2010

Love for Etsy

Today's Etsy post is inspired by sweet memories of reading Nancy Drew as a young girl; snuggled up in my covers (for safety, of course!) until the wee hours of the morning. Sure, this post is quirky, but that's okay. Enjoy!

Journal made from a 1960's Nancy Drew book, complete with original cover, 15 original book pages and 55 blank pages. By Pigsey Art
Hollow secret safe made from a Nancy Drew book. Has a magnetic closure so your treasures stay hidden even when the book is upright. By Secret Safe Books
Let's be honest. I love the two above creations. But I would NEVER put them out in my house. I would save them for my cool (one day) daughter who will no-doubt be a reader and a writer. The Nancy Drew books below are not upcycled, but they are pretty. I would even use these in place of the ever-so-popular decorative Reader's Digest books. From Home Spun Style
Did you read Nancy Drew books? What quirky Etsy finds do you love?


  1. I loved Nancy Drew when I was younger! That notebook is so cute!

  2. Why wait to give the notebook to your cool future daughter.. when you have a cool present sister..hint,hint... haha just kidding! But I do love the Nancy Drew theme.. especially the notebook!

  3. I so wanted to be Nancy Drew! My niece gave me a N.D. notebook - so sweet.


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