Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ikea Inspiration

I'm not one to be easily overwhelmed. The first time we went to Ikea, however, I had trouble catching my breath. We drove up to a shopping mall sized parking deck, rode in on the esclators, past the day care and food court, up another set of escalators where we stumbled into a plethra of sleekly styled living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. I was officially overwhelmed.I absolutely adore Ikea. And while it is well worth the 2-hour drive to Atlanta (and difficulty breathing), I am thrilled to see their new ideas and inspiration website. You have to check it out!


  1. I agree with you about Ikea. It is so worth the 2 hour drive. I am dying to take a trip again and I don't even need anything!

  2. We live quite close to Ikea, and I find it completely overwhelming! It is pretty inspiring though....they just know how to do it up right! Haven't checked out their "ideas and inspiration" site, so I'll head there now.
    have a great day!


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