Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lift Up Nashville

Less than 2 weeks ago, Nashville, TN received more rain in a 2 day period than they usually receive in 6 months. The resulting flood devestated businesses and homes and left more than 30 people dead. Tornadoes soon followed, only increasing the damage to the city. My husband's family lives in Nashville and we are overwhelmed to learn of what people are going through. Pictures of the rising water levels and sunken roads have left us speechless.

Yesterday, I was excited to read about a new project by Eric's cousin, Derrick Castle, freelance designer of Nashville Mafia. He recently joined with other local artists to create Lift Up Nashville, a collection of posters selling for $10, with all proceeds going directly to Flood Relief - Metro Nashville Disaster Relief Response Fund. Eric and I are ordering ours today and encourage you to do the same.

Please consider the lives affected as you lift up Nashville in your prayers.


  1. so sad. love the support though.

  2. I grew up in Tennessee and called Nashville home for 5 years. I can't believe some the pictures I've seen, truly heartbreaking. Definitely sharing this!

  3. I love the posters! Can't wait to see them hung up in your apartment! :)


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