Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gift Guide: Father's Day

Unless your dad is Barney Stinson, he neither needs nor wants another tie.  If your dad is Barney Stinson, he doesn't need one but probably wants one and you likely can't afford his expensive tastes.

What am I trying to say, folks?

Regardless of who invested in your gene pool, be sure to follow the gift guide below to make your pappy happy.

Shaving cream from a tube for a smooth face done the old-school way, $10

A masculine toiletry bag to store essentials when travelling, $30

Rad, casual sneakers so he looks stylish on summer dates with your mom, $42

A pictorial dictionary to enhance his already enviable vocabulary, $21

A collapsible bike to wow his friends and take up less room in the garage, $140

Two tickets for Super 8 so he can feel like a kid again, if just for a few hours, $18

The quittin' time clock because it's funny and gives him something to look forward to, $80

For an alternative gift, do what I did last year and invite him along for a morning hike.  All he really wants is quality time with his family. 

What are you getting your dad, grandpa or favorite guy for father's day?  
I'd love to hear!


  1. Great suggestions! I'm still figuring out what to get my dad. He's so tricky to buy for!

  2. Hey...I was hoping I would get a fresh tube of the C.O. Bigelow (I love saying that outloud. Go ahead...say it).


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