Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our "New" TV Stand

As you may recall, Eric and I were on the hunt for a new TV stand back in February.  Being avid craigslist-ers, we were determined to find a well-priced beauty we could adopt from another family.

I am here to encourage you, friends.  Patience pays off.

Below is our original setup.

And here is our new setup in all it's glory. 

The details...

People actually paid us for our old TV and stand - $75 total. 

We were lucky to find an antique, refinished buffet table - $200 total.  

Do you revel in the benefits of craigslist?  You can reduce the amount of material items in your home, increase your savings and/or find pre-loved, quality-made items that won't break the bank.  Those are my excuses, anyway.


  1. Nice! I love that you have much more storage space now too!


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