Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Almond Butter

Uh oh.  I  may have found a new Nutella in almond butter.

I mixed in a little honey and am dipping pretzel sticks in it for breakfast. It is delish - and healthy!  I am still hungry after yesterday's run.  I'd love to make almond butter myself one day like Sheena

Have you ever made your own peanut butter or almond butter?


  1. I have eaten about 5 jars in the past two months...

  2. I've never tried almond butter but now I think I may have to! I just got some almond milk for the first time and I'm enjoying that so I'm sure I'd be a fan of this stuff. Thanks!

  3. I've never made my own at home...just at the little grinder at fresh market.


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